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International Student Support

Our award winning support team are there to assist you with a wide range of services to support your studies with Llandrillo Menai International, helping with matters such as finding the right course for you, application support and accommodation, transport and welfare.

Meet the Team

International Team
International Team: Front Row -- Gill, Christine, Sue. Back row - Charlotte, Andy

We have two support offices.

At our Bangor Campus, Andy and Sue are there to assist.

At our Rhos Campus we have Gill.

They are led by our International Manager, Christine Evans.





Applying for your course

Our International Support Team will help you to choose from the many programmes of study available and will help you make sure this is the right course of study, both subject and level, to fit in with your long-term career plan.

To apply, simply click on the apply now button on the homepage of the website.  You will be directed to a pdf version of our application form.  Please complete the form and save it and return it to us by e-mail to 

Before you arrive

Living and studying in another country can seem a bit overwhelming at first but it’s also an amazing and exciting experience and one which we are sure you will enjoy.

We have been welcoming international students to North Wales for many years and from our experience we are able to answer any questions you may have about what you need to do before you travel to the UK.

Pre-Arrival Guide

Our new comprehensive pre-arrival guide will be available to download very soon.  

Accommodation / Host Families

We take great care to ensure you have a happy home whilst you study with us, this is very important to successful achievement on your course.  Please see our Homestay Policy here.  We shall choose a homestay host for you, matching your needs to one of our local households offering you a place to live.

We check these homes each year to make sure they are suitable.  As soon as you have confirmed you are attending our college we shall introduce you to your home host over ‘phone, email or by Skype so that they will not be complete strangers when you arrive.

Older students may prefer more independence, so we have a number of apartments and shared houses in the local area that will be suitable for you.  These apartments and houses which are owned by private landlords have also been checked to make sure they meet our standards.

Applying for your Visa / Visa Guide

Applying for your visa is completed online via  the UKVI webpage.

You need to be in receipt of a course approval form (CAS) from us before you apply.  We can help you prepare for your visa application but it is your responsibility to make a successful application.  You have to be prepared and very serious about your study plans, but if you have the approach and attitude to be serious about your studies then you will find the visa application process straightforward. | Designed by Worldspan Creative